Global Leading Acrylonitrile Supplier
Acrylonitrile is a colorless/odorless, flammable, and toxic liquid, mainly produced from propylene and ammonia.
Our acrylonitrile distinctively has excellent quality and stability since it uses a high-efficiency catalyst developed directly by our affiliate Asahi KASEI, Japan.
Production capacity 600,000 T/year
Product standard 99.5% UP
Product use
  • ABS resin : exterior materials for home appliances, such as air conditioners, TVs, laptops, air purifiers, etc., and interior and exterior materials for automobiles, toys, etc.
  • Acrylic fibers : sweaters, blankets
  • NBR : sole, packing, gasket, hose, etc.
  • NBR Latex : sole, packing, gasket, hose, etc.
  • Others : raw materials of acrylamide, adiponitrile, carbon fiber, polyol, and adhesives
Packaging In Bulk
Transport Vessel, Tank lorry, ISO Container
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