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Quality·Environmental Management Policy

Tongsuh Petrochemical Corporation, a petrochemical products producer(acrylonitrile, sodium cyanide, acetonitrile), establishes and implements the "Quality·Environmental Management Policy" as follows based on the Environmental Safety and Quality Assurance Policies and Group's philosophy of "Contribute to the Life and Living of the People around the World". This policy ultimately seeks to realize the company's sustainable development and the safe existence of humankind by pursuing customer satisfaction and improving the global environment.

Asahi Kasei Group ESH & QA Policy

We give the utmost consideration to environmental protection, quality assurance, operational safety, workplace safety and hygiene, and health management, throughout the product life cycle from R&D to disposal, as preeminent management tasks in all operations.

  • We give full consideration to the global environment and make efforts to reduce the environmental burden of all operations.
  • We continuously provide safe products and services with the quality that gives customers a sense of security and satisfaction.
  • We strive for stable and safe operation while preventing workplace accidents and securing the safety of personnel and members of the community.
  • We strive for a comfortable workplace environment, and support the maintenance and promotion of employee health.

Quality·Environmental Management Policy

  • 1. Consider Quality·Environmental Management a social commitment and fundamental goals of the business activities.
  • 2. Supply products that satisfy customer requirements through quality management activities.
  • 3. Minimize the environmental load through environmental management activities, and ensure that energy resources are consumed and recycled efficiently.
  • 4. Prevent poor quality and environmental pollution by establishing, implementing, verifying, and improving management standards and procedures to satisfy compliance obligations related to quality and environmental management activities.
  • 5. Set goals and strategies to prevent quality and environmental accidents, educate the members for better understanding, develop concrete action plans, and verify the implementation.
  • 6. Drive continuous improvement activities to realize the policies with the participation of all members and compliance with the quality and environmental management system requirements.
August 1, 2022
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