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Security Disaster Prevention Activities

In our plant facilities, we aim to achieve zero industrial accidents and zero emergency shutdowns and implement measures materialized based on risk management and mid-to-long-term replacement plans for outdated facilities each year. The main activities are as follows.

  • Strengthening risk management : Eliminate potential risks of processes and facilities, improve preventive activities through trend management, etc.
  • Upgrade of management techniques : Introduce new technology, enhance facility reliability through technology exchange with advanced B/M and makers, etc.
  • Thorough preventive inspection of facilities and replacement of outdated facilities based on the mid-term plans
  • Identify virtual scenarios for potential risks, conduct periodic training to prepare for troubles, etc.

for Tomorrow

Activities to Promote Labor Safety and Health

We aim to maintain an accident-free workplace. To this end, we drive activities in various fields, such as establishing and improving safety culture, preventing safety accidents around the worksites, improving the working environment, and promoting employees' health in preparation for aging. The main activities are as follows.

  • Safety culture in daily routines : Disseminate the management’s safety policy, review and improve safety culture, conduct LSA(Life Saving Action) activities, etc.
  • Potential risk improvement and on-site accident-free activities : Analyze the trends of past and similar accidents, reflect them in prevention activities, improve unsafe behaviors and conditions, and continue to track and manage action items, etc.
  • Activation of employee health promotion activities : Reinforcement of health management in preparation for aging
  • Work environment improvement and health activities : Measure and improve work environment, Investigate harmful factors of musculoskeletal system and educate material safety data sheet.