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for Tomorrow

Tongsuh Petrochemical Corporation welcomes talents with the core values of Sincerity, Challenge, Creativity.

[Sincerity] Being sincere with everyone.

[Challenge] Boldly taking challenges, continuously seeking change.

[Creativity] Creating new value through unity and synergy.


Challenge and keep changing
Tongsuh people are constantly changing and challenging new fields. Each employee grows by challenging new jobs, demanding tasks, and professional improvement.
Act with Sincerity and responsibility
Act honestly, responsibly,
and independently to earn
the trust of customers and society
Respect diversity
Understand and respect various values and personalities, such as people under different circumstances, ways of thinking, personalities, and people from countries with different cultures and habits.
Recruitment process
  • Application
  • Document Review
  • Online Personality Test
  • 1st Interview
  • Physical Examination
  • 2nd Interview
  • Company housing(for singles, bachelor pad) : Ulsan only
  • Housing loan
  • Financial support and leave for various family events and condolence
  • Financial aid for college-aged children’s educational expenses
  • Commuting buses : Ulsan only (transportation expenses available in Seoul)
  • High quality comprehensive medical examination once a year(mandatory)
  • Financial aid for language training
  • Travel support for long-term employees(travel expenses and vacation)
  • Days off on Labor day, company’s foundation day and union’s foundation day with gifts
  • Condominium facilities available in resort areas(Hanwha, Kumho, Ilsung condos, etc.)
Job Posting

We are waiting for talents who will
"Contribute to the Life and Living of People around the World" together.

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