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Sodium cyanide is manufactured in the form of pure white briquettes by synthesizing cyanide and caustic soda as raw materials and undergoing refining and crystallization processes. Sodium cyanide is very useful in various industries, such as mining, electroplating, medicine, and pesticides. Still, care must be taken when using and selling this highly toxic substance (since it can be misused for malicious purposes). In this regard, the government regulates its export by law by stipulating it as a “strategic commodity” in the Foreign Trade Act.
Tongsuh Petrochemical Corporation is a world-class sodium cyanide supplier with an annual production capacity of 70,000 MTs and supplies to the customers with stabilized soda by utilizing the latest technology, training, and transportation system. In addition, the company complies with international standards such as ISO 9001 and ICMC for the standards of the world's leading mining industry. We provide technical and safety materials, training, and promotional materials necessary for customers' safe and specialized use of sodium cyanide.
Production capacity 70,000 T/year
Product standard
Items Unit Guaranteed Specification
Sodium cyanide(NaCN) WT% 98.0 Min.
Sodium hydroxide(NaOH) WT% 0.5 Max.
Sodium carbonate(Na₂CO₃) WT% 1.0 Max.
Moisture(H₂O) WT% 0.5 Max.
Product use
  • Gold mining: extraction of precious metals such as gold and silver from ore
  • Plating: plating of gold, silver, copper, etc.
  • Others: heat treatment of metals and raw materials for pesticides, pharmaceuticals, plating chemicals, and EDTA
  • Net 50Kgs steel drum
  • Net 1,000kgs in plywood box
Transport Domestic : Truck, Export : Container Ship
Contact Manager : Choi Jin-Ku, Team Leader, Sales Team 2
E-mail :
TEL : +82-2) 3215-0721, 0725
FAX : +82-2) 3215-0770
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