for Tomorrow

Asahi Kasei Group

In 2021, to further promote initiatives aimed at making a sustainable society a reality,
we established the Asahi Kasei Group Sustainability Policy.

Sustainable Management Policy

The Asahi Kasei Group is contributing to life and living for people around the world. We strive for two mutually reinforcing aspects of sustainability: “contributing to sustainable society” and “sustainable growth of corporate value.” By creating value for “contributing to sustainable society” we seek to gain high earnings that lead to “sustainable growth of corporate value" which enables us to make further contributions in a virtuous cycle. In order to achieve this, we pursue the optimal corporate governance while practicing the following.

Value Creation through Contribution to Sustainable Society
  • Resolving issues for People and the Earth through our high value-added businesses (Care for People, Care for Earth)
  • Leveraging our strengths of diversity and capability to change for the creation of value (Connect, Communication, Challenge)
Responsible Business Activities
  • Prioritizing ESH (environment, safety, and health), human rights, and quality assurance throughout all of our activities
  • Performing appropriate information disclosure and dialogue with our stakeholders
Empowerment of personnel
  • Respecting diversity and inclusion
  • Encouraging each employee’s growth, performance, and challenging spirit