For Tomorrow

“As a company that Contributes to the Life and Living of People around the World, we will create a better tomorrow by committing to the environment and society.”

Since its foundation in 1969, Tongsuh Petrochemical Corporation, Ltd. began producing acrylonitrile(AN) for the first time in Korea and has grown into the world's largest AN production base with an annual production capacity of 600,000 MTs based on open-ended constant innovation and investment. In addition to the main product, acrylonitrile(AN), we pursued high-added value by commercializing by-products and derivatives from AN manufacturing, such as sodium cyanide and acetonitrile. Through the completion of the 4th AN plant in 2012 and the acetonitrile plant in 2013, we have emerged as a competitive general chemical company in line with the trends of the global era.

Tongsuh Petrochemical Corporation, Ltd. strives to become a standard for safe environment management of chemical companies by conducting voluntary safety, environment, and health management activities through the introduction and operation of the environmental safety and quality assurance system. We leave no stone unturned for safety management, always recognizing that secure and safe operation is our foremost mission as a preemptive response through all-out preparations against the GHG Emission Trading Scheme, Chemicals Control Act, and Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals, which were implemented in 2015.

In addition, we actively carry out social contribution activities with all employees at the company level, such as support for free lunch centers, Kimchi-making Events of Love, and support for excellent local scholarship students to fulfill our mission as an advanced company of supporting the underprivileged, nurturing talented people, and developing win-win developmentwith the local community.

Tongsuh Petrochemical Corporation, Ltd. always prioritizes the value of customers' trust and strives to grow together through cooperation with all shareholders, customers, employees, and local communities, based on its management philosophy, 'Contribute to the Life and Living of People around the World". We will leap forward to a leading global company by realizing the action values of <Sincerity><Challenge><Creativity> and commit ourselves to meeting everyone's expectations as a company preparing for the future along with the history.

We thank our customers and stakeholders for their interest in visiting our website and wish you and your family always filled with happiness.

Jong-Kyung Chae Co-CEO and President,Tongsuh Petrochemical Corporation, Ltd.