Creating for Tomorrow

Quality Management Activities

Tongsuh Petrochemical Corporation has renewed its ISO 9001 certification every three years since 1996 under the value of providing a foundation for sustainable growth by operating an optimal system that guarantees the highest quality. Along with on-site innovation activities since 1976, the company has achieved system advancement through improvement activities based on PDCA, providing value to customers worldwide.

  • plan
    Establishment of management policy,
    Setting operation goal,
    Risk and opportunity analysis
  • Do
    Purchase management,
    Production management,
    Logistics management,
    Change management,
    Quality management,
    Maintenance management,
    Sales management
  • check
    Shareholder audit,
    Compliance evaluation,
    Internal audit,
    External audit,
    Management review
  • action
    Corrective measures,
    Continuous improvements

Prompt Handling of Customer Requests(Complaints)

The day of occurrence/filing
Form a response team
(within 2 days)
Investigate the cause and notify the customer of measures to prevent a recurrence
(within 10 days)
Report standardization, monitoring, and implementation verification to management
(within 30 days)

Environmental Management Activities

Based on the group's fundamental philosophy 'Contribute to the Life and Living of People around the World", we continually makes efforts to invest in environmental conservation and reduce the environmental pollutant emission even at the expense
of the company's profits.

  • Environmental awareness improvement activities: Encourage environmental knowledge education, environmental conservation, and purification activities.
  • Improvement of self-managed standards compliance rate : Minimize pollutant emissions by establishing and operating self-managed standards stricter than legal standards, and remove potential risks by understanding the operating trends of emission and prevention facilities.
  • Reinforcement of risk management : Eliminate potential risks by identifying the operation trend management of emission and prevention facilities, and target to achieve zero environmental risk by actively responding to the enactment and revision of laws.
  • Logistics accident prevention activities : Reinforce the training of chemical product transport companies and safety training for transport drivers, and prepare and train potential risk scenarios.
  • Replace old facilities through facility preventive inspection and mid-to-long-term planning.

Environmental Improvement Activities

We strive to reduce energy consumption and GHG emissions as the basis of the company's development to prevent global warming by improving environmental policies such as introducing an integrated environmental system, reorganizing the measurement system, strengthening internal guidance and inspection, and aiming for the reduction of environmental pollutants such as fine dust.

  • Energy saving : Reduce fuel use, increase energy efficiency, and adopt a daily energy-saving routine.
  • Reduction of GHG emissions : Reduce GHG emissions through process improvement.
  • Reduction of waste discharge : Reduce waste generation through process improvement.